World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies
World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies

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Musiichuk M.V. [Historical memory in drawings and cartoons of the magazine «Crocodile» (1941–1945) through the prism of wit techniques] World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies, 2020, Vol. 11, No. 1. Available at: (in Russian).

Historical memory in drawings and cartoons of the magazine «Crocodile» (1941–1945) through the prism of wit techniques

Musiichuk Mariy Vladimirovna
Nosov Magnitogorsk state technical university, Magnitogorsk, Russia
Institute of humanities education

Abstract. The article is devoted to the actual problem of historical memory as a historical experience preserved in titles. ideas and beliefs that pass from generation to generation based on numerous elements of culture, including drawings and cartoons. A review of studies devoted to the specifics of the work of the magazine «Crocodile» during the great Patriotic war is conducted.

The purpose of the article is to analyze the techniques of wit used in drawings and cartoons by artists of the main Soviet satirical magazine «Krokodil» in the period from 1941 to 1945. The Novelty of the author’s approach lies in the research method. The analysis of images from the album «Victory in drawings and cartoons of the Crocodile magazine» was carried out.

To achieve a comic effect, various techniques of wit are used when creating satirical drawings and caricatures, such as «double interpretation» or a pun in the form of homonymy (Greek. homonymia – the same name, the same name); «hint» or allusion to all known historical events, to a real political, historical or literary fact, which is assumed to be well-known); «irony» in the form of cruel ridicule-sarcasm (Greek. sarkasmos from sarkazo letters. I tear the meat), as a sarcastic, very malicious mockery, based on the increased contrast of the expressed and the implied, enhanced by the immediate deliberate exposure of the implied.

Broadcasting the cultural memory of the people necessarily implies the existence of mechanisms and institutions for broadcasting. It is necessary to focus the education system on the formation of young people’s knowledge about the heroic pages of our history and the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Russia, about the selfless struggle for the sovereignty and independence of our country. Among the effective methods of broadcasting historical memory is the cultural heritage in the form of creative works of outstanding cartoonists. Identifying the techniques of wit in the analysis of cartoons and satirical drawings, including in the magazine «Crocodile» will allow you to form a more reliable and emotionally colored picture of historical events in the minds and hearts of young people, based on the cognitive-affective nature of the comic. It also helps to accumulate the normative-value character of concrete historical memory in connection with the present and possible future.

Keywords: historical memory; cultural memory; caricature; journal «Krokodil»; the techniques of wit; irony; pun; allusion

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