World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies
World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies

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Михайлова О.Б., Сафи С.М. [Social problems of self-actualization in adolescence] World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies, 2018, Vol. 9, No. 1. Available at: (in Russian).

Social problems of self-actualization in adolescence

Mikhailova Olga Borisovna
Peoples’ friendship university of Russia, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: olga00241@

Safi Safia Muhammad
Peoples’ friendship university of Russia, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. The article is devoted to theoretical analysis of samoaktulizacii phenomenon and the role of society in the development of self-actualization in adolescence. The success of the existence of human society in the twenty-first century will depend on the development of personal qualities and abilities. Identity, its potential activity aimed at building, rather than on the destruction of human civilization, are objects of modern social studies.

A characteristic feature of this article is the integration of sociological, philosophical and psychological approaches to the analysis of the prerequisites of the foundations of self-actualization in adolescence in General and in particular. As a result of theoretical research analyzed numerous approaches to the definition of entity self-actualization personality on the basis of Russian and foreign scientific sources. In the content of the article presents analytical palette definitions of self-actualization in humanitarian literature.

Interpretation of the numerous approaches and definitions suggests that society should create a favorable development Wednesday self-actualization in adolescence. The results of theoretical studies will identify the main social forms and methods of development of self-actualization in adolescents. Increase the effectiveness of psychological work on the diagnosis and development of samoaktualizacionnogo potential of the person in the practice of the educational process.

Based on the data in the article highlights the main problems to support adolescent development in the practice of modern educational process. The authors argue that the mechanisms of the social context of the processes of self-realization should study and actively introduce the contemporary practice of personal development capacity among high school students.

Keywords: self-actualization; adolescence; social issues; educational process

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