World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies
World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies

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Getmanenko A.O. [Festival of children’s art: modern trends] World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies, 2023, Vol. 14, No. 1. Available at: (in Russian).

Festival of children’s art: modern trends

Getmanenko Anastasiia Olegovna
Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. The article deals with the specifics of the festival as an object of socio-cultural activity. The author pays attention to the consideration of the features of the children’s festival, highlighting its specific features (representativeness, dialogue, preservation of the culture of the holiday, eventfulness, multi-subjectivity, polycentricity). On the basis of a theoretical analysis of approaches to the consideration of the «festival» phenomenon, the author identifies modern trends that characterize the development and transformation of formats within the framework of festivals of children’s creativity. There is a rebirth of the festival space from monologue to dialogue, creating additional opportunities for creativity, contributing to building new communication channels based on the principles of co-creation and non-competition. As the main trend in the development of the modern children’s festival, the author highlights the desire to search for new forms, products, which leads to the transformation of the festival into a laboratory of creative ideas. The festival simultaneously becomes a tool to overcome the atomization of society: the crisis of social disunity, expressed in a kind of «social vacuum», the reduction of social contacts, their transition to the information technology space. The activities of the designer in developing the concept of the festival in this regard should be focused on overcoming social disunity, individual isolation by creating conditions for transparent, open, accessible communication. The modern festival of children’s creativity, therefore, acts not so much as a form of dialogue between cultures, but as a tool for producing new meanings by overcoming the crisis of social disunity. At the same time, the development of the festival movement necessarily requires its creators to constantly update the forms and activities within the festival. The article will be of interest to culturologists, teachers, graduate students, applicants and students dealing with issues of socio-cultural design, as well as heads of cultural organizations.

Keywords: festival; modern festival; children’s festival; sociocultural design; creative laboratory; festival movement; culture

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