World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies
World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies

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Dimitrieva O.A. [The socially marked subject of wine drinking in the prose of A.P. Chekhov] World of Science. Series: Sociology, Philology, Cultural Studies, 2023, Vol. 14, No. 1. Available at: (in Russian).

The socially marked subject of wine drinking in the prose of A.P. Chekhov

Dimitrieva Olga Albertovna
Chuvash I. Yakovlev State Pedagogical University, Cheboksary, Russia

Abstract. This article discusses the features of creating the image of a bacchic man in a socially marked aspect based on the stories and novellas of A.P. Chekhov. The relevance of the work is due to its entry into the circle of research related to the study of the axiological space of a literary text and the author’s idiostyle. The material for the research was a selection of contexts extracted from the author’s Complete Works in 30 volumes. Particular attention is paid to the contexts, which include an indication of the character’s position in society in conjunction with the described situation of a feast or wine drinking. The purpose of the study is to identify and describe the most frequent characteristics of the social type of both the household plan and its lifestyle and pastime in the context of the situation of wine drinking. It is revealed that any hero of Chekhov is carefully written out from the point of view of his social status. Within the framework of this article, the features and qualities of such social groups and professions as a peasant, a driver / coachman / coachman, an actor are studied in detail. It is noted that when characterizing a peasant as a representative of a social class, his disenfranchised state and extreme need are marked, as well as a lifestyle that includes constant alcohol consumption (drunkenness), ignorance and deception. At the same time, the peasant’s faith in truth and justice is noted. It is shown that the selection of certain traits, such as drunk, rude, dirty, on the one hand, is universal for Chekhov’s «drinking» hero, regardless of status. On the other hand, a certain social status or activity is assigned a pattern of behavior, the result of which are distinguished features.

Keywords: A.P. Chekhov; idiostyle; semantics of wine drinking; culture of drinking; national character; mentality; individual author’s image of the world; linguistic worldview

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